The Aim: To support individuals with learning disabilities to lead fulfilled lives.

The Emily Jordan Foundation and its subsidiary Community Interest Companies offers training with the aim of eventual employment, where individuals can participate in manufacturing to a level of high quality, but within their own ability.

As opportunities arise to enter the workplace these can be pursued, but if these do not work out, the foundation will still supply a quality environment for individuals to continue to develop their skills.


People with moderate learning disabilities and physical disabilities who attend the CIC's - Spokes and Twigs are called Trainees. The Emily Jordan Foundation has experience in supporting trainees to move close to getting a job.

It is our mission to support the trainees, who have moderate disabilities, to engage in meaningful activity, to enable them to continue developing their skills and to provide opportunities that enable them to make a positive contribution to society.

We do this by provide training in a working environment, as we know that it is vital, if people with disabilities are going to be able to enter the workplace, but they do not lose the discipline they gained from school or college - getting up in the morning, making themselves look presentable, and getting to the workplace on time. At the two foundation enterprises, Spokes and Twigs, we ensure that these disciplines are maintained and developed.

We support the trainees to:- work towards and to obtain employment, to expand their social networks and to increase their personal independence as we provide opportunities for work and to become involved with their local communities.

Our absolute belief is that any social enterprise or charity in today's society needs to be able to generate substantial percentage of its income from its own manufactured product. This is a model that we have pursued aspects CIC, where significant amount of income required by the operation is generated from its bikes and maintenance sales, bike clubs and college courses. Twigs also pursues this model with gardening and "Wood Works".

We minimise our overhead of the Foundation to ensure the income is spent to train the trainees. Our fund-raising arm supports us in our mission.

Trainees attending the CIC's become involved in the total running of the business, this includes manufacturing and selling the products, bookkeeping and making management decisions. They learn useful "employability skills" for the future.

All too often people with moderate learning disabilities and physical disabilities spend their lives doing work experience tasks, with no pay. We aim to change this, to promote self-esteem and provide a positive platform to a future of employment.