We welcome any questions you would like to ask us at any time. These are some that we get asked often:

Q. What do the individuals who come to your Charity get involved in?
A. We cover a range of activities that allow the people who come to our Charity to get involved in. These include:

  • The bike section, Spokes, where bike maintenance and rebuilding take place
  • Our horticultural project, Twigs, where plants are grown and sold
  • Our woodworking project, 'Woodworks', where individuals become involved in manufacturing wood products, again for sale to the public.

There is more information on this site on these opportunities.

Q. Do individuals have to pay to come to the Foundation?
A. The majority of individuals who come to us have individual budgets in place, to support the day opportunities they want to pursue. Our charges are appropriate to the level of support required.

Please contact '' or telephone XXXXXXXXXXX for more details.

Q. If we want to help by volunteering some time, do we need any qualifications?
A. It will be necessary for you to be interviewed and obtain a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate if you are to work with the individuals who attend our Charity. This is very straightforward and we will help you through this. There is a small charge for this – it is difficult for us to help with funding all applicants, but your help is really appreciated.

Q. If I volunteer will I be given a worthwhile job?
A. We aim to ensure that all of our volunteers do not become 'general dogs-bodies', but do something they want to do. All we ask is that you try and come on a regular basis, to ensure that we have continuity for the individuals who come to the unit. We recognise that it may not always be possible for you to be able to attend, but please give us adequate notice if this is the case.

Q. How do I help with fundraising?

A. We are always looking for new, exciting events to raise much-needed funds to help with the cost of running our charity. If you have any ideas please contact: